Secure This system is encrypted with highly recognize encryption protocols which makes it secure to use as an organizer of examinations.

Stable All of our systems go through a rigorous testing and quality control phase which makes Explore Exam a dependable and stable platform to work on.

Effective In today’s world technological advancement cannot be restricted. Now to adopt technology in education and organizing examination, Online Examination Portal like, Explore Exam is an effective choice.

Go Green Information technology and computer science does not have any direct relation with our environment but, by this we can limit the use of paper and save our trees.
Think how much paper needed to arrange an exam? From question paper to answer sheets then multiply them with every schools, colleges, Universities, Coaching centers, National examinations, etc. a lot of paper is being used. But by using ExploreExam we can save a lot of trees.


Conducting examinations, checking exam sheets and releasing results, the entire system is very costly and time consuming. So, to make this quick and secure we developed a web portal “” which can be used to create question papers based on classes and provide platform to conduct online examinations. This system can also release the results automatically after examination.

Students can access the question paper with specific Ids and Passwords with any device in a given time. After or before the examination time the student cannot access the question paper. This portal is highly customizable according to need of any organization and institutes.